About Us

We are composed by experienced & recognized professionals, with a proven track record on industries and services.

Our Mission - MarterSenso

Our Mission

Add value to the Latin American industries and services.

Our Vision

To be the consultancy of choice for the industries and services sector based on the best value for client’s money.

Based on principles

- High Ethical Standards

- Performance Orientation

- Longevity as a priority

Know Our Services

Methodological Approach.

Our methodology is based on the perspective of the cube, conceptualized under two views of the company:

Strategic View

Based on four business blocks: Strategy, Longevity, Process & Risks and Assets & Results.

Operational View

Based on four operational blocks: Commercial, Purchasing & Supply-Chain, Services and Production & Energy.

Every block of the cube has it's own pre-defined sub-methodology and at least one senior expert responsible for it.

Every project is conceived to be tailored to customers context and interests (assesments, benchmarks and action plans)