Our Services

Business Strategy

Industry & market studies, differentiation factors, strategic positioning, market share & growth, mergers & acquisitions.


Innovation, Sustainability Programs & Assessments

Process & Risks

Transactions, controls, automation, risk mapping and management, governance, loss & fraude prevention

Assets & Results

Industrial projects and CAPEX optimization, CFROI, EBITDA, CASH, EVA.

Operational Excellence

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Customers relationship and satisfaction, distribution channels, customers segments and pricing/terms.

Purchasing & Supply-chain

Purchasing of raw materials, MRO, Genex, provisioning, inventories, logistics, indicators & benchmarks.

Production & Energy

Production management, maintenance, utilities, sustainability, safety.


Corporate Services and Transactional Centers, Information Systems.

Transition Solutions

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Transition Management

Senior support for transitory process when managing executive positions

Senior Mentoring

Fastening people development through expert advisors and experience exchanging. A key activity contributing to generate high level of team performance.

Organizational culture

Inspiring leaders to promote the best cultural alignment to support the business strategy.

High Performance Teams

Developing team spirit to boost high performance results in all business activities.

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